Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Charles Fudgemuffin Published In eFiction Mag

eFiction Mag: currently ranked number 2 in the
 Arts & Entertainment Magazines category
in the Amazon Kindle Magazines charts.
A few months ago I submitted a sample of How To Save The World: An Alien Comedy to eFiction Mag for consideration for inclusion in their August edition dedicated to comedy writing.  The submission guidelines encouraged authors to submit their work on the basis that even if your writing wasn’t accepted for inclusion you would at least get some constructive feedback.

eFiction Mag currently has around 5,000 monthly readers and at the time of writing is ranked at number 7 in the amazon.com Magazines & Journals chart, so I figured I had nothing to lose and if I did get accepted it would be a good chance to get my work seen by a bigger audience.

This was all a few months ago and after sending off the sample chapters I then pretty much forgot all about it until a couple of weeks ago when I noticed a comment posted on pinterest under a pin of my book cover which read:

"Isn't this in the e-fiction mag that just came out? I thought I saw it..."

My curiosity stirred, I then logged into my e-mail and discovered that my sample of How To Save The World: An Alien Comedy had indeed been accepted for inclusion and had been featured in the August edition of eFiction Mag devoted to humour.

A few days later I noticed a further comment on Pinterest which read:

"This looks a fantastic book full of laughs at inappropriate things....you know, all the things that make us snigger."

All in all it was a nice feeling to read such a positive comment and also a nice feeling to get published by eFiction Mag.  I also picked up a few extra book sales in the week that followed so if any other authors are looking for a new audience for their writing then I would highly recommend checking out eFiction Mag.

In addition to their main magazine, eFiction Mag have also recently launched new magazines dedicated to the genres of romance, fantasy, sci-fi, noir and horror so for any authors who specialise in those genres it's the ideal time to submit your work.  You can find the submission guidelines at the following link:

Or any fans of fiction can subscribe to eFiction Mag by clicking on the following banner:

eFiction subscription

eFiction Mag are on twitter and facebook so if you'd like to follow or like them, then these are the links to their twitter account and facebook page:

I also have a Charles Fudgemuffin page on facebook and a Charles Fudgemuffin twitter account, so if you’d like to follow or like me then the links to my facebook and twitter pages are as follows:

I generally check my twitter account every couple of days and follow back other authors or publishing related accounts.  I also return facebook likes from authors, so if you’re an author with a facebook page then feel free to post a link to your facebook page on my facebook wall so I can return the like.

Finally, if you’d like to read a two chapter sample of How To Save The World: An Alien Comedy, then you can download a copy for free from the following page:
Download the first two chapters of How To Save The World: An Alien Comedy 
Or you can find the full book available on amazon.com and amazon.co.uk for PC or kindle at the following links:

Just for the record, the comments on pinterest were from Elizabeth Kolodziej and David Prosser who are also authors, so if you’d like to check out their blogs then I’ve posted the links below:

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