Saturday, 7 July 2012

Charles Fudgemuffin Netbook Wallpapers!

Following on from my earlier post featuring Charles Fudgemuffin iPod / iPhone wallpapers, I now also have a couple of netbook wallpapers (1024 x 600 resolution) available for download.

The first wallpaper is simply a memory aid to help readers remember my name.  Charles Fudgemuffin … if you forget the name, just think of a muffin made of fudge.  It also means you get to look at a muffin every time you log onto your netbook, which is always nice.

Mmm ... muffins!
The second wallpaper features my Charles Fudgemuffin gravatar image, as well as a highly complimentary quote from Erik Van Onzin-Broodje of The Amsterdam Times.  Please note, for the benefit of stupid people Erik Van Onzin-Broodje isn’t real and his quote is just a daft joke.

"The funniest book ever written, or I'm a Dutchman!"
Bold praise from Erik Van Onzin-Broodje of The Amsterdam Times.
To download the wallpapers simply right click the image then select 'Save Link As...' in Firefox or ‘Save Target As...' in Internet Explorer.

Once downloaded open up the folder you saved the wallpapers to, then right click the image and select ‘Set as Desktop Background.’

You can also check out my Charles Fudgemuffin iPod / iPhone wallpapers in the following post:

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