Thursday, 28 June 2012

How To Save The World: A Video Promo

As the author of ‘How To Save The World: An Alien Comedy,’ I’m always on the lookout for effective ways to promote my book, and one very effective way to promote a book is to commission a big budget thirty second promo ad and then pay to get it shown at regular intervals on prime time TV every night for several weeks.

However, while this was a tempting proposition, I couldn’t be entirely sure that the extra revenue from increased sales would cover the advertising costs and therefore as I couldn’t be absolutely certain of a return on my investment I ultimately decided to pass on this option.

So to be on the safe side I decided to go for a slightly cheaper alternative solution to the advertising proposition.  Instead of a big budget series of blockbuster TV commercials, I instead decided to create a home-made slideshow video which collects together a few review quotes.  Whilst this might not attract quite as many sales as the TV campaign idea, it nevertheless should help in its own small way to raise awareness of How To Save The World, albeit not quite on the same scale, admittedly.

This is the video:

Or if you want to view it directly on youtube then this is the link:

When I was working on the original preliminary version of the video I used UFO by Newton Faulkner (from his excellent Hand Built By Robots album) as the backing music and this really fitted in with the alien theme.  However, for copyright reasons I obviously had to change this for the final version and so I pieced together the backing music from three tunes of my own which I wrote and recorded several years ago.  The intro music is from a song called ‘When The Tidalwave Hits The Shore,’ the middle section is from a song called ‘Grand Design’ and finally the outro is from a song called ‘Wet Sand.’  Tidalwave was written and recorded about seventeen years ago (*cough* when I was five! *cough*), while Grand Design and Wet Sand were written and recorded about five years ago.

Overall I’m really happy with the backing music to the video.  It all blends together really well, with the intro sounding like the type of music you’d use to make an announcement and the outro having a sort of spooky alien-esque sound to it which fits in with the theme of the book.  There’s also a bit of back-masking in there to help the various music pieces merge into each other.

Anyway, if you like the video then please click the facebook icon at the bottom of this post (just above where it says 'Posted by Charles Fudgemuffin') to share the video on facebook and help promote emerging authors.

N.B. For clarification purposes I should perhaps point out that by ‘emerging’ I actually mean ‘unknown’ and by ‘authors’ I actually mean ‘me.’

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