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How To Save The World In Twenty Tweets... (Part One)

How To Save The World ... not for prudes.
Although 'How To Save The World: An Alien Comedy' checks in at 392 pages long, a couple of my early readers still managed to read the entire book in under two days.  And as one of those readers was supposed to be hard at work setting up her website for her jewellery business at the time, I took that as quite as a compliment that my book engrossed her so much that she was unable to tear herself away from it to get on with her important work.

However, to read How To Save The World in two days you have to pretty much put the rest of your life on hold and not everyone can afford to spare two days out of their life to read a book, so as a faster bite-sized alternative I’ve recently collected together a series of twenty short quotes from the book which I’ve been sporadically tweeting on twitter.

I’m not one of these people who tweets repeatedly every ten minutes though – approximately once a day is enough for me – and as I also tweet about other stuff it’s taking me quite a while to get through all twenty tweets.  So far I’m about a third of the way through so I thought this would be a good point to collect the tweets so far together in a post on my blog.

So here they are…

1) Please note, some bits of this book are a bit pervy so if you're a bit prudish then you probably shouldn't read it. #HTSTW
A moral dilemma from How To Save The World.
2) “If you could score with any lass you wanted for the rest of your life, or eliminate malaria from the world, which would you choose?” #HTSTW

3) “Eh? An Anal probe? Like as in, ‘Hmm, how shall we interact with this new civilisation?  I know!  We’ll stick things up their bum!’” #HTSTW

4) “Anyway, Fyraling lasses are just like Earth lasses. They’re into snogging and spanking just like I’d imagine lasses on Earth are.” #HTSTW

5) “Yes, I’d like to make a complaint about a horny robot adult chat-line message I’ve just received,” Sydney remarked. #HTSTW

6) “Ar, that’s nice. ‘I’m going to die, but looking on the bright side … at least billions of other people are going to die as well.’” #HTSTW

7) “…I promise you, I haven’t got an alien ass, like.  I swear down, it’s a human ass.” “I’ll be the judge of that,” Hank threatened. #HTSTW

When I was picking out quotes to tweet from the book, I realised just how hard it is to compress an out-take into 140 characters (which for the benefit of non-twitter users is the maximum number of characters twitter allow you per tweet).  This meant there were some quotes from the book which I really loved but unfortunately I was unable to include them because they just didn’t fit into the 140 character limit, but nevertheless I still managed to pick out a decent variety of quotes from the book which I reckon give a brief general flavour of events while at the same time hopefully don’t give too much away and spoil the plot.

Jixyl the alien mocks Eric's misplaced assumption
Obviously as an author the whole point of giving people a flavour of your book is because you hope people will like what they see and want to read more, so if anyone would like to check out more from How To Save The World then you can download a free sneak preview of the first two chapters from the following link:

The sneak preview will open in a new tab and may take a few seconds to download so please be patient.

Or if you’d like to buy the full book it’s available from and from the following links:

Anyway, that’s where I’m up to at the moment with my tweets and I’ll collect the next batch of tweets from ‘How To Save The World in 20 tweets’ in another post in a few weeks time.

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