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Download 'Small Pots Also Have Ears' for free.
'Small Pots Also Have Ears' is a short story by Charles Fudgemuffin based on the theme that children listen in to adult conversations and take in more than you realise.

"Auntie, you know what? My dad says..."

You can currently download 'Small Pots Also Have Ears' for free from iBooks, Kobo, B&N, Payhip or Smashwords.  You can also read it online at Wattpad.

Here are the download links:

'Small Pots Also Have Ears' is also available for free by direct download in several ebook formats:
Pdf version (PC/laptop), Mobi (Kindle/Kindle app), Azw3 (Kindle Fire), ePub (Nook), ePub (Kobo).

You can find out more about 'Small Pots Also Have Ears' at the link below:
Small Pots Also Have Ears

How to add 'Small Pots Also Have Ears' to your kindle library:

Download the free mobi file then copy the file to the 'kindle' folder on your Android device.  'Small Pots Also Have Ears' will now appear in your kindle library.

The mobi version has been tested on a Google Nexus 7 using the latest edition of the Kindle app.

. . . . . . . .

'Small Pots Also Have Ears' is also available directly from Amazon priced at £0.99/$0.99:
'Small Pots Also Have Ears' on Amazon

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