Sunday, 26 January 2014

Would You Rather?

A new blog from Charles Fudgemuffin...

'Would You Rather?' A blog of dilemmas.
Anyone who’s ever read my 'How To Save The World' books will know that the main character, Eric, is a big fan of the 'Would You Rather?' game.  By a strange coincidence, I’m also a big fan of 'Would You Rather?' myself, and so I recently decided to start a new blog dedicated to that theme.

Some of the 'Would You Rather?' dilemmas featured on the blog are inspired by 'Would You Rather?' scenarios from the 'How To Save The World' books, while others are entirely new scenarios.  However, as the 'Would You Rather?' blog is marked 'No Mature Content', when featuring some of the more 'adult themed' questions originally from the 'How To Save The World' books, I've therefore had to adapt one or two of them slightly and tone them down somewhat.

Each 'Would You Rather?' question takes the form of a poll, and to give you an example of the sort of dilemmas you can find on the 'Would You Rather?' blog, the first few dilemmas include questions such as:

'Would you rather win the lottery of cure malaria from the world?'

'Would you rather find out how you die or when you die?'


Sunday, 19 January 2014

The Harder The Journey, The More Rewarding The Arrival

An iPhone wallpaper based on an inspiring dude.

iPhone wallpaper based on an inspiring dude
I encountered as I was climbing Mount Kinabalu.
iPhone 4 Version (640x960)
My last few wallpapers have generally been daft and stupid, but I made this next wallpaper when I was in a rare sensible mood, and it's based on a photo from a few years ago when I was climbing Mount Kinabalu in Borneo.

The mountain is only 4,095 metres high, so it's probably no more than a small hill to serious mountaineers, but to an amateur like me it was a totally massive effort to get to the top.  By about halfway up my legs were starting to feel like jelly, so as I was hiking my way up to the summit I inevitably started to think to myself, 'Why did I ever voluntarily decide to put myself through this punishment!?'

However, just as me and my fellow backpackers were feeling as if our legs would go no further, we then passed a local porter who was carrying an object up to the overnight camp (3,270 metres up the mountain) and it quickly put our own efforts into perspective.  Incredibly, the object the porter dude was carrying up the mountain on his back was a water tank, and as you can see from the photo, this thing was massive.  So as we passed him we all stopped to give him approving nods of acknowledgement and appreciative shouts of encouragement for his incredible feat of strength.

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Charles Fudgemuffin ... Mind Reader Extraordinaire!

Unlocking the power of the mind with a simple maths trick...

I've always enjoyed trying to predict what people are thinking and so to demonstrate my 'psychic' abilities I recently made a short mind reading video which is featured below.

Of course in reality, however, there are actually no mind reading skills involved and the video just uses a clever mathematical trick to 'read your mind'.  Mathematicians might be able to work out how the mind reading trick works, but even if you're not into maths it's still quite impressive and nine times out of ten the video will correctly guess what you're thinking and 'read your mind'.

If the video is already halfway through then click on any text and it will return to the beginning of the video.  It starts with the words, "Stare at the red square for 5 seconds..."

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Charles Fudgemuffin's 2014 New Year's Resolutions

Plans and goals for 2014

Last year I made the New Year's resolution to get parts 2A and 2B of the 'How To Save The World' saga published on Amazon.  As it turned out I got all six books in the series published, so it was a productive year for Charles Fudgemuffin.

Now that the 'How To Save The World' books are all finished, this year I'm looking forward to writing new stories and working on new ideas, so I've made a few more New Year's resolutions for 2014...

Pots.  The metaphoric theme of one short story I'm working on.

1) Publish at least one short story.

After writing a massive saga spanning six books and over two thousand pages, you sort of go from one extreme to the other and so when I finally clicked the 'publish' button on the final 'How To Save The World' book, my initial reaction was to want to write something at the other end of the scale.

It's a bit like after you finish eating a massive banquet.  You don't want to tuck straight in to another massive banquet.  You just want a brief pause from eating to allow your taste buds a quick break and then maybe follow that up with a light snack.  Well writing at least one short story is going to be my light snack.

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