Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Charles Fudgemuffin Merchandise Now Available!

Well, one Christmas card ... but it's a start.

Charles Fudgemuffin is proud to announce the opening of the Charles Fudgemuffin store on Zazzle.  At this early stage there's actually only one item available to purchase, but more products will be coming soon.

"...Ryan has been very naughty and I have been good."
The first product to be launched is a Christmas card featuring the image shown to the right (the actual card comes without the charlesfudgemuffin .blogspot.com watermark).  The Christmas card is based on an amusing letter to Santa written by my nephew and the message on the front of the card reads:

"Dear Santa

Please can you give me all of Ryan's Christmas presents because he has been very naughty and I have been good.

From James"

The inside message on the Christmas card reads:

"Merry Christmas!

P.S. If anyone sees Ryan will you tell him his presents are round at James' house."

Anyway, the card is available to purchase from the Charles Fudgemuffin store on Zazzle.  This is the direct link to the Christmas card:
Purchase Charles Fudgemuffin's 'Dear Santa, Please can you give me...' Christmas card from the Charles Fudgemuffin store on Zazzle

Or if you'd like to browse the entire Charles Fudgemuffin store then this is the link:
Visit the Charles Fudgemuffin store on Zazzle

As already mentioned though, the Christmas card is the only item for sale at the moment, so any browsing will perhaps be a little limited at this current stage.

I also fancy having a go at designing a t-shirt and maybe a few other items as well, so more Charles Fudgemuffin merchandise will be available over the coming weeks.

Finally, massive thanks go to James for allowing me to use his letter to Santa on a Christmas card.  I'm sure Santa will look favourably on his request!

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