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My First Review On!

I’ve just had the first review for my book on and I’m happy to say that I was really pleased with it.  The review is from Todd A. Fonseca who runs the ‘Review My Book On Amazon’ website.  He covers books from all genres so it’s worth checking out his site if you’ve got a Kindle or if you’ve got the Kindle For PC app.

Anyway, you can find the full review on here:

Or on Todd’s website here:

…but if I was to pick out my favourite quote from the review it would be:

‘How To Save The World by Charles Fudgemuffin, is funny. Think Monty Python meets Saturday Night Live funny. To be honest, just the Geordie accent alone is funny to me.’

I used to love Monty Python when I was growing up so this is a big compliment.  And although I haven’t really seen Saturday Night Live, I know what it’s about so that was also a nice compliment.

As for the Geordie accent being funny, that was something I never really thought about until recently, but I suppose it is.  Not just the accent but maybe the Geordie attitude and way of life in general.  I suppose one of the things I like best about being a Geordie is that we like to laugh.
How To Save The World ... available from and
I travel the world a lot so I get a lot of flights and normally in airports people just sit about waiting quietly for their flights.  About a week ago though, I was getting a flight back from Dubai to Newcastle and as we were waiting to board there were loads of Geordies just bantering on with each other.  And they weren’t telling jokes or anything but their conversations in general were quite amusing and entertaining.

And being a Geordie myself that just seems normal, and it’s not until someone else points it out to you that you realise that although it’s normal to us, compared to some parts of the world our general banter can be quite light-hearted and jokey.  I think that’s maybe true of British people in general but it’s specifically true of Geordies, so when you’re writing a comedy book then I guess you’re lucky if you come from Newcastle as it gives you a headstart.

Anyway, back to the review.  Todd concludes the review with a valid point when he says:

A short excerpt from How To Save The World.
‘…this is an entertaining humorous read. The style of humor is likely one that will not resonate with everyone, so grab a sample from Amazon or Charles' website and find out. If you like the sample, you'll enjoy the rest.’

I tell people the same thing myself.  If you like daft comedy then you may well enjoy How To Save The World.  But if you’re into Shakespeare and Dickens and stuff, then How To Save The World probably won’t be your sort of thing.  It therefore definitely makes sense to download the free sample before deciding whether to read the full book.

You can get the free sample by clicking the following link:

Please be patient as depending on your internet connection it may take a minute or so to download.

Obviously if anyone wanted to buy the full book without reading the free sample first then that’s still excellent from my point of view:

But from an objective neutral point of view I would have to say it’s probably worth giving the free sample a try first.  Some of the banter in the book is a bit pervy though, so I usually add the following word of caution to any promotional material:

‘Please note, How To Save The World by Charles Fudgemuffin is not suitable for prudes.  Any squares with a stick up their a*** are therefore excluded from the free download offer.’

I also include the following disclaimer at the start of the book:

‘Please note, some parts of this book are a bit pervy so if you’re a bit prudish then you probably shouldn’t read it.  Having said that, it’s not a Jackie Collins novel, so if you’re reading this thinking, ‘Oo, I’m gonna get right turned on!’ then sorry but you’re going to be disappointed.  Any adult themes are purely for the purposes of comedy.’

Anyway, if you’re not a prude and you’ve got a daft sense of humour then you might well enjoy the free sample of How To Save The World, so I definitely recommend giving it a try.

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